Janesville's City Hall Buildings: 1902 & 1968

In the fall of 1901, city officials laid the cornerstone of a three-story, 66 x 94 foot building, located at the southeast corner of North Jackson and Wall Streets. The E.A. Rush Company, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, designed the building. Initial cost was to be $44,000, but the final cost was $64,000. New furniture and fixtures pushed the total cost to almost $80,000. An old stone barn on the site was retained for city-owned horses.

--source: City on the Rock River: Chapters in Janesville's History

The city replaced the old building with the new Janesville Municipal Building in 1968.

This new building was constructed right behind the old City Hall.

Old City Hall was then demolished for a wide piazza fronting the new building.

This article from The Janesville Gazette on August 2, 1968, page 2a, includes a detailed history.

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